Concert Series
One of South Florida’s oldest concert series.

Best places for classical music CDs:

The most comprehensive selection of classical music. If you visit Amazon sites for places such as Japan ( or England ( among other countries, you can even find CDs not available in the USA.

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They have come a long way, as Ebay has an extensive selection of classical music sold directly by vendors and/or individuals.  Album covers and information is not always complete, but there are some advantages.  The most important of which is there are a number of CDs one can order for under $4, some of which are quite superb, which is above Amazon’s mandatory $3.99 shipping charge (unless there are the very few items Amazon itself sells items without shipping charges for less than $4 to Prime members – who must pay an annual fee, admittedly though a fantastic value).

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Collectors have long viewed Berkshire Record Outlet as one of the great treasures.  Selling cut-outs or imports at incredible bargains, many collectors have found countless treasures through Berkshire – many of which they can not find anyplace else.